Fiber Art Originals

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Here’s a little background on me and originals by yarnpaintings….

I began knitting 8 years ago when my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Knitting became my therapy while we waited thru chemo, radiation and unfortunately her passing.

After making many scarves and purses, I decided to write my own patterns. The Joseph Collection (knitted strips of many colors of yarn), was designed. Joseph and his coat of many colors was my first inspiration. Continuing down the creative road, I decided to dye my own yarns. The Lydia Collection (Lydia, a dyer of fabrics from the Bible) was born. Becoming intrigued with the needle felting process The Ruth Collection (small gathering bags with needle felting techniques) followed.

Knitting purses soon led me to making sweaters for my dear doggies.  I have 2 Morkies, (Maltese/Yorkie).  As a result of my doggies hating to put their legs into leg holes, I designed doggie shrugs reusing old sweaters. I cut the felted material into patterns, then knit and/or crochet the collar, tummy tabs and trim. I have the best dressed doggies in town!  When cutting doggie shrug patterns, large amounts of material was left over, resulting in you guessed it – Bags for The Steward Collection (good steward of God’s creation).  What a feel good project!  Many customers asked for classes so the next step was creating Sweater Bag Kits.  It feels like we have a party with every class.  I learn from them as they do from me – what a blast!

I’ve been part of many juried Art shows including Saline, Plymouth, Wyandotte, and Frankfort with teaching at ASE, Fiber Expo AA and JCC, (W. Bloomfield) which was also my first exhibition. “Not your Grandmas’s Fiber Show”.  This year the Art shows will be University of Toledo - Art on the Mall and Stone Oak Country Club.

Helping the landfills by buying discarded items, helping the needy by making purchases from Goodwill and Rescue Missions and lastly, donating a portion of the doggie shrugs proceeds to local animal shelters take us full circle.

Thank you for taking time to learn about originals by yarnpaintings. 
Fiber art is now not only my therapy, but my p a s s i o n .....

kathleen shanteau, designer